Does your dog respect you? Or do they TRUST you?

One of the biggest questions out there today is “how do you tell if your dog respects you” and I think there is a BIG gap that people are missing.

First of all, i get it.

A dog that doesn’t listen or does as its told is super frustrating, it makes you feel worthless and that nothing you do works. ALL you want is for you dog to listen to you, and be well-behaved so you can have more fun together right?

The thing is, teaching respect isn’t going to fix this.

The whole respect, top dog, alpha male thing came from the method called the dominance theory, which was aimed to put a dog into a submissive state so they would ‘respect’ you and follow every word you say.

Sadly, this isn’t true respect, all this method does is suppresses a dogs emotions and their needs which causes them to shut down and as a result will show submission.

(BTW Submission is where a dog backs down, you often see them lying on their back or lowering their head, it’s used as a communication tool to other species ‘hey I am sorry, I don’t want any conflict, please don’t pursue).

The ‘respect’ people see is the dog backing down and not doing the thing they weren’t told too- but is that respect if the dog is motivated by fear and anxiety? Because that’s exactly what the dominance theory is.

You see, I’ve used this method and I witnessed my dogs become scared of me and that’s when I knew that this wasn’t okay and definitely not how I wanted my relationship to be like with my dogs.

I’ve also seen it with my clients and their dogs, they are using these methods trying to earn respect so their dog listens to them, but it doesn’t work! And it’s frustrating and heart breaking at the same time.

What I’ve learnt is that a dogs respect is just an outcome from them trusting you.

About Kayleigh | Praise and Paw

If your dog can trust you with their life, they know that they won’t be hurt, pressured or shouted out then they will see you as the best person in the world, the leader they are desperate to follow…

Becoming the best canine leader, creating the strongest bond of trust and having a dog who just wants to do whatever you say is what creates respect.

And you will know if your dog respects and trusts you because they will literally do whatever you say, even if that’s asking them to jump into something they’re actually quite nervous about – but they do it because they KNOW you’ve got that back.

So the REAL question here is How do you tell if your dog trusts you?

Trust is something that can be created very quickly if understood, which is why I have created you this FREE Five-Step Guide to Building Trust and Respect with Your Dog.

This guide will guide you through how to create the strongest level of trust with your dog, which in turn will provide you with the respect that you desire and a dog that just LOVES doing what you say.

Nothing will ever be the same again,

Never again will you have to repeat yourself tent times before your dog even looks you,

Your dog will choose YOU every time,

You will feel less frustrated and stressed out when training is going to plan,

and the BEST BIT – i have created you plan for that to last for a life time!

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