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Who is Kayleigh Stangroom… your future coach, and new friend…

Kayleigh’s Journey as an Animal Trainer and Welfare Scientist.

As most animal lovers, I grew up with nearly every animal – rabbits, cats, guinea pigs, horses but primarily dogs. Including one special dog called Cloud, if their was such thing as a perfect dog, it would be him. I grew up with this lad and he had massive impact on my personal (see in Kayleigh – personally) but it was when he developed cognitive dysfunction (AKA Dog Dementia) that spurred my career in animal care. He started to pee uncontrollably, snap and walk into things. He had no idea what he was doing and EVERY time I witnessed someone get angry and yell at him as if he did it all on purpose. This was horrible to watch and i would always sneak him a sausages an massive hug.

At the age of 14 i started volunteering at rescue centres, veterinary practices and shadowing behaviourists in my local area – all to help Cloud enjoy his twilight years, free from yelling, stress and horribleness. We also got a puppy of the same breed. This guy on the other hand attacked people for fun! I actually loved this dog, we had an amazing connection, we sought out our local behaviourist who told us to put him to sleep. NOPE that was not an option but unfortunately he was a risk to my younger sister and my parents gave him back to the breeder – the hardest decision any dog owner has to make.

At  the age of 16 I started my level 3 diploma in Animal Management, covering nutrition, Animal Health, Health and Safety and the important ones that led to me where i am today; Animal Behaviour and and Animal Training. After achieving a distinction in these topics and passion to learn more about them to help my own dogs, i started my proper academic studying in a Foundation Degree in Animal Behaviour and Psychology followed by a first in Oxford Brookes Bachelors degree of Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

Unfortunately, Cloud passed away before I went to university but he lived a happy life. I am proud I did that for him. In the loss, we acquired a Lurcher called Bobby – who became dog aggressive – guess what i focused my studies around? Thats right aggression, emotion and dog neurology!

During all this studying I volunteered at various places, including training the seals and sea lions at the Seal Sanctuary. Providing enrichment, care and training to parrots of Paradise Park, supporting and dog walking at local rescue centres and creating enrichment for animals at Marwell Zoo.

I also organised charity events to raise money for animal charities and ran educational events to teach people about breedism and how to accept all dog breeds.

Being a behavioural practitioner, i have worked with LOTS of different dogs with their own unique cases, including possession, aggression, anxiety, separation anxiety, reactivity, rescue dogs and excessive barking. This also compliments recall, lead walking, puppy problems, chewing, chasing and counter surfing.

All the training I do revolves  around the bond. I teach this in every lesson, it truly is the key to achieving success and solutions in dog training, i have spent many years perfecting it and teaching all my lovely clients its true powers!

About Kayleigh | Praise and PawAbout Kayleigh | Praise and Paw


-Training, researching and learning since the age of 14

-Two scientific degrees: FdSc Animal Behaviour and Psychology and BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

-City and Guilds Diploma in Animal management Level 3.

-Works with small unit of expert dog trainers around the world

-Provide you a fantastic journey 😉

SO, thats my training, journey, experience and little insight to what i teach and train at praise and paw.

BUT who am i as YOUR dog training coach?

I have had many clients come to in fear of being judged, whether this because they’ve used an electric collar and they’ve been allowed their dog to behave in a ‘naughty’ way for many years- and i have now realised its time to fix. All of this comes from a place of frustration, anxiety and the drive to ensure we all live a happy life.

I believe there is good in everyone and I will NEVER judge anyone, especially if they wanting to make a change and ready to do it. This takes a lot of bravery and courage, and i applaud any dog owner or person who takes that leap.

As a dog training coach, I am super supportive, non judgmental, assertive but not aggression, goal driven and will NOT let you down. Whatever hurdle we have to jump – I will be there jumping with you and if its too hard- you can be damn sure I will find a way to get us to finish the line. But I can only do this with people who like me are brave, honest, goal driven and ready to live the life they are craving or the problem they want solving.

When you sign up for a program, have a consult or coaching session – it will feel like we are best friends. This because I love all my clients, it’s a safe space and connect and grow with each other. There’s no pressure, anxiety, insecurities , just happiness, fun and joy because thats how I train too. Training is always fun and we always laugh. I don’t have strict rules, making people feel bad or tell you what to do. I coach you, and with that means fun, understanding, succeeding.

About Kayleigh | Praise and PawAbout Kayleigh | Praise and PawWho is Kayleigh?

So you know my training experience, who i am as coach but who AM I? A question everyone struggles to understand about themselves.

I am Kayleigh, born and raised in Cornwall, I was a bright child, very enthusiastic about life- particularly wildlife. My one goal as a child was to save all the trees in woodland. I even taught my peers in primary school about deforestation and made a club where we would attend every lunch time to and do quizzes and hand out awards ( which i made myself, I was so cute). If I wasn’t doing this then I would be prancing around the playground pretending to be a horse, or body boarding in the sea believing I was a mermaid and my body board a dolphin and sidekick. I also believed the sea had feelings and I had the power to control the waves with my voice. As a child its fair to say I was creative.

My connection with the environment and animals never disappeared, I still have a connection with the sea- in fact now if I don’t swim or walk in the woods I become a complete BITCH!

This creative crazy child then started secondary school, people were not impressed my dreams, stories and beliefs. As no one saw my visions, I felt very alone. To comfort myself I would binge eat – roughly 4 packets of crips, 2 apples and then a dinner of curly fries and burgers. As you can imagine, the weight pounded on, followed by the period stage – which meant replacing 3 sanitary towels every HOUR- horrendous (sorry for the overspill). I felt fat, and people weren’t shy about telling me either. My grandad in fact told me I was the reason is tyre flattened and along with some abusive terms like ‘you fat cow’ and ‘tree trunk thighs’. This continued at school with Kaylee Whaley or Rhino.

I remember one year, we all had to choose something to participate in at sports day- everyone beat me to it and the only thing I was left was the 1200 metre race. I couldn’t even run 100 metres. Anyway I did it and I was last. In fact I dropped out and I walked into one guy that always bullied me. He saw I was struggling to breath but gave me a look of disgust that I let the tutor group down. I was mortified. I am a team player.

My weight, bullying and my inability to ative and lack of emotional support left me with a slight depression at the of 14 – I received secret school counselling to support me throughout the years. Cloud I mentioned earlier was the key thing for me growing up. In this awful depressive period I made some mistakes that I now truly resent. He was the only being I could open up to, talk to and help me find reasoning. He offered comfort, no judgments and made me smile. I live by his mantra every day, I ensure i comfort, not judge and make someone smile so no one feels like I did when I was 14.

He brought me out my shell by going on dog walks and having a topic of conversation, but connecting me back with environment and letting my creative spirit flow once again.

Today I still live with depression, anxiety and very little self-confidence about my body. I am on a journey of learning to love my body for what it is and keep connecting with my true loves- creativity, dogs and people.

At this very moment of time, I am applying to volunteer to the local coastguard and police forcees to support my community and keep them safe and happy.

You will see me on Facebook talk about the mistakes I have made, the achievements I have accomplished and enlighten you with the confidence to be brave and embrace the things that are scaring you. I will end up doing it with you.

This is me Kayleigh, a happy soul thats made mistakes, loves them and embraces her fun and fears and inspires loved ones to do the same.

Hope this answers your questions..

Lots of love, Kayleigh

About Kayleigh | Praise and PawAbout Kayleigh | Praise and Paw